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kitteneyez's Journal

21 September 1982
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I was born, raised and lived in South Philadelphia for 26 years|| Now resides South Jersey, otherwise known as "the other South Philly" || Penn State Graduate, proud owner of a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. || Fourth grade teacher, and on occasions enjoy being a shiftless lay about. So feel free to entertain me if I am not participating in the activities aforementioned above. || I am married to a wonderful man, my High School sweetheart || We were married June 13, 2009. || We have one beautiful son, the light of my life, our little Shea-monster, who was born January 13, 2012.|| I have two gorgeous nephews whom I love dearly. || I have a tendency to be extraordinarily vulgar; I have a crude sense of humor, but attempt to be funny. At times I can be downright obscene.|| It is almost a requirement to make me laugh, and have a sense of humor if you are my friend. || I am pretty down to earth, as well as easy to get along with, despite the fact that I have high amounts of estrogen. || I don't have a high opinion of others do not think at all before they speak, and those spew senseless, unkind, word-vomit.|| I have absolutely no room in my life for drama. || I feel that I was born in the complete wrong time period, and I'd like to think that the time machine screwed up and mistakenly assigned me to here in 1982.|| I enjoy all types of music and will "rock out" occasionally, as well as dance around like a complete moron, all the while screaming at the top of my lungs to whichever music moves me. || I do enjoy the occasional drink, mostly a nice glass of white wine. || I enjoy a good dose of sarcasm.|| I am a technology freak, and this consistently leaves me with the need to have "the next best thing" on the market. Sadly, it would cost a fortune for this dream to come true.|| I have one kitty, Seffie, and one pup, Oswyn. Seffie is a bombay, and Oswyn is a husky, shepherd mix. || I plan on returning in my next life as a feline, life would be extraordinarily carefree. I would not have to communicate for the exceptions of when I am hungry, content, desire a good snuggle or belly rub, or if I'm unsatisfied with the upkeep of my litter box. || Some people adore calling me their psychiatrist, and at times my phone rings at 3 in the morning, while an earth shattering disaster is occurring on the other end. But please remember folks, I am not licensed and I will not dispense any medication, my apologies. || Carpe Diem ||

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